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Hat and Body Protector Fittings

We have a selection of Safety Wear suppling Charles Owen, Champion and Racesafe. Whilst we do not have the space to keep every type and size we try to have a good range available. We charge £10 for a Hat Fitting and £20 for Body Protectors, should you purchase the hat or body protector through us this is included in the Sale Price. Should we need to order it we take the fitting fee as a deposit taking this off the price when it comes in.


Some hats and Body Protectors can be Customised but for a custom colour, colour combination or a specific Model that we do not carry as standard we require FULL payment in advance which is non-refundable. 

Due to the fact that these items are deemed 'Safety Wear' we are unable to offer refunds any hats or body protectors unless the item is deemed faulty.  

Saddlery, Custom Saddlery/Leatherwork and Repairs

We carry Dever Ascot and Dever Classic we also have English Leather Saddlery as standard, we can also order in Cameo and EcoRider. We try to have as much as possible but there is an infinite number of combinations so if you need something specific please contact us and we will do our best to source it.


We can also do custom work including Bridles, Belts and Bonnet Straps, come in and have a chat with Georgina and we can run through costs and designs. Custom work will be considerably more than 'off-the-peg' due to the time it takes and the skill that goes in to it. This is also true for repairs, for example repairing a buckle, keeper of billet can easily take and hour due to the fiddly nature of the process. Please head to our Custom work and Repairs page for our project blog and approximate prices for standard/common repairs.  

Saddle Fitting

We do not have an 'in house' saddle fitter but we are proud to endorse Lex Merrick at Cotswold Saddles, please head to her website:

She carries a wide range of new saddles and has access to our small stock of second hand saddles.

Clipper Servicing and Blade Sharpening

We do not have the facilities or training to sharpen or service clippers ourselves but we are happy to send them on your behalf. We try to send them off once a week but we generally wait until we have a few to make it more economically viable, should you need them urgently we can organise for them to be sent straight away but we would need to charge postage.

We try to offer a good range of bits, grooming products, gifts, clothing and boots and we are constantly looking for new suppliers. Please give us a ring, pop in and see us or drop us an email should you need something specific. 

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