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Rimell Saddlers Ltd. is committed to providing the best service we can for both horse and rider.


We have a good range of new and second hand saddles. We have saddles to suit most budgets, horses and riders. We work with a great saddle fitter and qualified saddlers to ensure we can provide the best service and care possible. 

If you would like a saddle or saddle fitting please include the following in the email or complete the form below:

  • Name

  • Contact (we need both a phone number and email)

  • Location where you keep the horse

  • Budget

  • Preference of saddle / discipline

  • Type of horse - Connemara, TB, WB - wide, narrow etc.

Please note that in order to make sure the saddle fits correctly ideally we must see the horse and rider together. We will email you a saddle fitting fact sheet and terms of sale in receipt of your pre-fitting form.


First fitting and assessment - £60 

Return visits - £20

Adjustments - individually quoted 



As per Covid guidelines we can continue to fit and assess saddles. Our saddle fitters will be adhearing to guidelines set out by the Society of Master Saddlers. We will also require you to complete and return a form to us prior to your appointment.

SHOULD YOU HAVE ANY SYMPTOMS, KNOW SOMEONE WHO HAS OR BEEN IN CONTACT WITH SOMEONE TESTED POSITIVE WE HAVE TO ASK THAT YOU CANCEL OR POSTPONE YOUR APPOINTMENT. This is for our safety and so that so we can continue to saddle fit meeting the welfare guidelines for horses.

During these uncertain times we cannot take cash payment. We are more than happy to accept BACS or card. However if we leave a saddle with you we will require you pay a deposit up to 50% of the value of the saddle. Should you wish you can pay be full via card and we will email you an invoice within 3 working days.

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